Help Make Build-It-Solar Better

Most of the material on this site comes from individuals like you who build a solar project or find a solar project and send the pictures, information, plans, or links:

  • If you see a good project while wandering around the web, let me know.

  • If you have built a solar project or energy related project, please send a description. (1)

  • If you live in a solar house, lets hear about it. (2)

  • If you have a website that describes your solar project or house, let me provide a link to it.

  • If you see reference material, solar analysis methods, or find good suppliers, let me know.

  • If you see a new or experimental solar idea, please submit it for the Experimental page.

(1) You don't have to have format these into web ready content, just email or send pictures and some description.  The more detail on how to build it, and how it performed the better, but don't let the lack of this stop you from sending your project in. 


(2) There is a lot of interest in the experiences of people who take the plunge and build and/or live in a solar house.  It really helps people who are trying to make a decision in an area that is new to them to hear the experiences of others who have done it. 


Privacy etc.

I'll always 1) ask you before putting anything of yours on the website, 2) give you full credit (or not) depending on what you want, and 3) ask whether you want to answer email questions on your project (or not).