Options for Getting Home Power Magazine Articles

There are a lot of Home Power Magazine articles referenced on this site. 

Home Power is a great source for good hands-on  information on renewable energy projects. 

Here are your options for getting these articles from Home Power:

  1. A lot of local libraries carry Home Power, and may have some back issues.

  2. Check the Home Power website home page -- some articles available for free download.
    You can try Article Search to find the article.   If its a free one, just download, if not go to step 3.

  3. You can buy an Online Membership to Home Power for $25 -- but often discounted to $10 -- a great deal either way.
    This gives you downloads of the new issue of Home Power plus all recent editions. 
    It also allows you to search for and download past Home Power articles from a data base of about 1250 articles. 
     Details Here ...
    This is a big improvement over the past Online Membership, and puts a lot of material at your finger tips.

  4. The old option of searching the their achieves for an article, and then downloading that issue for $5 does not appear to be offered anymore.

  5. Home Power also sell a DVD with all of the articles in the first 120 issues (20 years!) for $95.  This is a quick way to get a lot of good reference material.

  6. Print copies of back issues are also available on the Home Power website  here ...

When searching for articles in the HP archive on their site, the safest thing to search for is probably the author of the article.  You can usually search for a particular issue number by searching for HP102   for an article appearing in issue 102.  Not all articles are currently in the online archive.



The Home Power website:  www.HomePower.com



Gary Nov 11, 2007

Updated Jan 1, 2008