Electrical Analysis Tools

Electrical analysis tools.




Wire Sizing ...
Voltage Drop Calculator,
Nick Degaggis

Wire Size Calculator ...

Another similar one from cerrowire...

Very handy wire size calculator.

It calculates the minimum wire size for 3% or less voltage drop.

Another good voltage drop calculator



Another very nice calculator.
Various wire sizing and maximum amperage tools, tables, calculators, and wire application data:

cerrowire Technical Information -- lots helpful design information on wires and wiring

Maximum allowable current in wires as a function of insulation type.

 Maximum number of conductors in conduit as a function of wire gauge and conduit size.

Another wire table for AWG that includes resistance per 100 ft and much more.
Wire Table            

 And another from Northern Arizona Wind & Sun

PV Array Sizing
PVWatts  -- A Performance Calculator for Grid-Connected PV Systems


This is a really useful tool.

An easy calculator you can use to find out how much power you will get from a PV installation in your area.

It calculates PV system performance based on hour by hour records for sun in your area.

Version 1 is very easy to use, and works worldwide.
Version 2 allows more detailed inputs, but seems rather complex and puzzling at times to me.

PV wiring recommended distances and currents chart.

PV Wire Chart


Recommended distances and currents for 2% voltage drop in low voltage PV circuits.
Electric Motor Tools


Approximate motor current draw at full load.