Getting Solar Questions Answered

Here are some ways to get your burning solar (or other energy) questions answered.

Comments and Questions Form:

Use this comments form to ask a question or make a comment.

I get notified whenever anyone leaves a comment, and usually answer within a few hours. Others who watch the form may also chime in with some helpful information.

Email me:

Drop me an email, and I'll do my best to answer your question or find someone who can --- email Gary


If you send me an email PLEASE:

  1. Make sure your return email address actually works.

  2. If your question is about a project on BuildItSolar, please Identify the web page you were looking at that the question is about.   There are hundreds of pages and projects on the site, so, it can be very hard to figure out what project your question is about if you don't give me the page you were looking at.

  3. For a lot of questions, I need to know generally what part of the country you are in as things vary by climate a lot.

I'm also always interested in hearing thoughts or ideas you might have on solar/renewable energy projects.



Post Your Question on One of These Forums:

I participate regularly in the discussion forums in the list linked to below.  Posting your question to one of these forums gives you the advantage of getting my thoughts as well as the opinions of other knowledgeable people.  In addition, others will benefit from your question and the discussion that it generates.


            List of renewable energy online discussion forums...



I'd be interested in hearing any comments you have on Build It Solar, or any suggestions for improvements. 

Things you like -- things you don't like.

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