More than 500 renewable energy and conservation projects you can build.


Energy Conservation - Insulate and Weatherize - Efficient Appliances ... Consering, recycling, and reusing water    




Solar Passive Home Design, Construction, and plans Solar Space Heating of All Kinds DIY Solar Water Heaters of All Types  
Passive and Efficient home  Cooling Techniques DIY Solar Sunspaces and Greenhouses DIY Solar Pool and hot tub heating  



Solar Photovoltaic (PV) applications large and small DIY Wind Powered Electricity Generation DIY Small Hydro Electric Power and Water Motors  

Bio Fuels

DIY BioFuels, Veggie oil, Wood Gas, Methane Generation DIY infromation on BioFuels -- making them an using them DIY plans for methane generators  



Many DIY plans Solar Cooking and Baking DIY plas for Solar Food Dryers    




DIY plans for simple, cheap renewable energy projects Solar Daylighting and efficient lighting Solar Powered Water Pumping of All Kinds  
Fun Solar and Renewable Energy Projects for Kids Solar and efficient bikes, sooters, cars -- DIY plans DIY Concentrating Solar Collectors  
Solar Powered Engines -- Sterling etc. Hard to describe, but interesting, solar projects Many DIY plans for Solar Wood Drying Kilns  


Free plans and information on: Conservation, water, solar homes, solar space heating, solar water heating, passive cooling techniques, solar sunspaces and greenhouses, solar pool heating, solar electricity (PV), wind generated electricity, micro hydro, biofuels, methane generators, solar cooking, solar food drying, solar and efficient vehicles, solar water pumping, solar engines, and solar wood drying.


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