References and Tools For DIY Solar Projects

Design reference data for building DIY solar, renewable energy, and energy conservation projects.

Books, websites, publications,  analysis tools, material properties, and information that you may find helpful in building your own solar and renewable energy projects.

Note that some of the companies listed under  "Solar Suppliers" provide extensive technical data.

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Cutting energy use in half

Climate Change & The Environment Energy Fairs, Events, Workshops
Solar Analysis Solar Engineering Books and References Sun Charts & Position, Collector Aiming, Climatic & Radiation, Wind, Overhangs Home Energy simulations and heat loss. 

Estimating Solar Fraction.
Window Analysis and Selection  Estimate Greenhouse Gas  Emissions
Plumbing, Pipes, Pumps, ... Sizing Pipes, Ducts, Fans, HVAC, heaters,... Electrical, Wire, Motors, ... Heat Transfer Analysis Fuel Data  and Energy Conversion


Solar Collector Design, Ratings, & Certification Heat Exchanger Design Measuring Collector Output and Efficiency Measurements & Instruments Solar Program Code


Calculators Insulation Upgrade Calculator Home Heat Loss
Fuel Comparison Calculator Solar
Collector Efficiency Calculator
Window Shutter Condensation Calculator Collector Fin Efficiency Calculator Solar Air
Material Properties Glazing, Plastics, Pipe, Insulation, wood, ... Emissivity of Materials R Values    

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Solar Incentive Programs Government Energy Incentive Programs        
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