Other Good DIY (and not DIY) Sites

These are good and interesting sites with DIY projects -- just not solar projects.


A wide variety of projects for handy people


Please contact me if you run across any good candidates, Gary.



Other DIY Sites
Omniscience Futureneering

Note: if this link does not work, try searching for "Omniscience Futureneering"



With the possible exception of the small Sterling engines, this site has nothing to do with solar, but it has some really interesting DIY projects.

"O.F. was a high-school-based science/engineering/inventing club. It was founded on the premise that the best way to learn about anything was to design it, make it or modify it and then to use it."

Todays Plans



Today's plans has a large and growing collection of plans for DIY projects in a lot of areas.  Quite a bit on small homes and cabins, some solar homes.

Some renewable energy projects.

Root Simple


Root Simple Root Simple is a DIY gardening, rain water collection, recipes,  solar cooking, ...oriented blog with many  good, practical posts. 
Fourteen entries on "Pirate Gardening" -- wonder what that's about?

From their home page:
"Root Simple is about back to basics, DIY living, encompassing homegrown vegetables, chickens, herbs, hooch, bicycles, cultural alchemy, and common sense. We're always learning, figuring stuff out, taking advantage of the enormous smarts of our friends and our on-line community, and trying to give some of that back in turn. Root Simple is a gathering place for everyone." 

Vintage DIY projects




A really interesting DIY site with plans for a wide range of old time DIY projects from making shop tools, to farm and ranch projects, boating, to general woodworking, ...
Open Source Machine and the Multimachine


The Multimachine:


Open Source plans for several buiding several types of machine shop tools.

The Multimachine is said to be inexpensive to build, and capable of handling a variety of machine shop tasks.

Building Our Log Cabin




Nice story and set of pictures  about building a log cabin in Alaska.
Bert Race


This has less than nothing to do with solar energy, but I just could not resist.
Free Woodworking Plans



Tons of plans for woodworking projects of ALL types.



PVC PlansQuite a wide variety of things you can make from PVC pipe and fittings -- all free.

Have a look at the "Submitted Pictures and Plans" area  for more ideas.



One of the better DIY sites for finding actual free plans to build a wide variety of things.



Good site for DIY generator information and imported generators.

"Alternative energy solutions, with a focus on equipment you can maintain and rebuild yourself! "




A site aimed at reducing green house gas production through reduced energy use, alternate vehicles, etc.

Lots of practical suggestions and hands-on information on a wide variety of topics.

Pro-Handyman Blog Las Vegas



Nice DIY site by Mike the Pro-Handyman of Las Vegas.
Canada Plan Service



A "Canada-wide network of agricultural engineers and livestock specialists concerned with the planning, design and construction of modern farm buildings"

Free, downloadable plans for many Ag oriented barns, sheds, gates, cisterns, fencing, walk in cooler, vegetable storage, greenhouse, ... These plans are all carefully engineered and drawn.

Heat HQ



More heat related links than you could go through in a lifetime.


MidWest Plan Service (MWPS )



Lots of Ag related plans and publications.
Free Woodworking Plans

www.woodworkersworkshop.com/ ...


Free woodworking plans and other information.
Make Magazine Online



An interesting mix of DIY projects in many areas -- including the always useful Potato Gatling Gun pictured to left.



Who knew there were so many ways to reuse old tires.
Interesting Sites of Various Types
Global Ideas Bank



Very interesting site:

"Give us your ideas and join the most exciting thing to happen to social invention since two hairy guys rubbed a couple of sticks together! "

Individualist Greens



Individualist Greens

An interesting mix of environmental papers, books, articles, and links. From the UK.  I've not quite figured out what its all about, but always interesting.





Updated Oct 17, 2007