Energy consumption and energy saving appliance information.

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Energy Conservation Sites  
Home Energy Saver Audit/Calculator


A Do-It-Yourself home energy audit

Fill in details on your home location, size, construction, etc.  The calculator estimates your current energy use, makes recommendations on changes and estimates the cost saving and pollution benefits.

Energy Savers from DOE EERE site

"Energy Savers" for home owners (insulation, appliances, lighting, ...) energy saving advice.
Energy Star

Energy ratings and energy use for appliances.   Energy advice and online audit for homes.   Energy star appliances and homes.
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy


Most energy efficient appliances of all types.

Energy saving tips and information.

GAMA -- An Association of Equipment Manufactuers


This site provides energy efficiency ratings for hundreds of furnaces and water heaters.
Energy Savings Calculators
Infinite Power


A good calculator for calculating the cost saving for installing a solar hot water heater.
Heating System Efficiency

Furnace Efic

Efficiency for various types of heating systems and fuels.
Optimum Refrigeration Temperatures for Foods

Chart compiled by Glacier Bay Inc provides ideal short and long term storage temperatures for various foods.