Emissions Estimation Tools

Tools for estimating greenhouse gas emissions.


You can use these tools to help you identify and reduce your carbon emissions footprint.


For some examples of how effective relatively modest changes can be, see the Half Program ...


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Pollution and Emissions Calculators...


Emissions Associated with Common Materials and Processes...


Energy Use Statistics...


Energy use for various modes of traveling...

Pollution and Emissions Calculators
BP Carbon Calculator




A very simple and interactive calculator from BP to estimate your "Carbon Footprint".  It also provides quick, interactive ways to see how much you can reduce your Carbon output.
Carbon emissions from transportation, electricity use, NG and oil use...



The best and most flexible of the carbon calculators I have run across.  Covers all the common fuels and all the common energy uses (transportation, heating, appliances, ...).  Lots of other good renewable energy information on this site.
How clean is the electricity you use?

eGrid Calculator:

eGrid Database:
http://www.epa.gov/ ...


EPA power profiler provides CO2 and other emissions per KWH of electricity generation in your area.

The eGrid database download provides tabular information that details emissions by location.
Gas Mileage Impact Calculator


A nice calculator to compare conventional cars to hybrids.  Give gasoline savings, and green house gas emissions reduction.

Sample: Ford Explorer to Toyota Prius

Emissions Associated with the Production of Common Materials and Products
The energy that goes into the construction of a new home (or anything new) is called embodied energy.  This can be a significant fraction of the total energy the home will use over its full life, so decisions on what kinds of materials and construction to use can be important if they differ significantly in embodied energy.   Some sources that might help with these decisions listed below.
Building for a long life helps to spread the embodied energy over a longer period of time.

Extensive list of CO2 emissions for production of many materials and products...

An extensive compilation of the CO2 emissions associated with making many common materials and products.


Canadian Architect

www.canadianarchitect.com/... (embodied)

www.canadianarchitect.com/.. (operating energy)


Some information on embodied energy associated with common construction materials.

And, the relative importance of operating energy.

Energy Usage Statistics


2008 CO2 emissions report ...

The Energy Information Administration publishes emissions and energy use data for the US each year.
Energy Use for Various Modes of Transportation
Fly or Drive Calculator...

Fly or Drive CalculatorQuite a nice calculator that compares cost and emissions for flying or driving to your destination.

Takes into account car, hotels, airport parking, ... pretty detailed.


Energy Efficiency of Different Modes of Transportation



Very extensive list of the fuel efficiency of many modes of transportation -- cars, buses, airplanes, ships, ...

Compare traveling on the Queen Mary to a scooter to a train and many more.