Solar & Renewable Energy Associations

Solar and Renewable energy associations offer a way to get involved with renewable energy on a local basis.  Many offer discussions, workshops, expert advice, educational and legislative programs, and a chance to promote renewable energy in a "hands-on" way.


If you would like your (non-commercial) solar or renewable energy association listed, please send me the information -- Gary.



National Solar Associations
American Solar Energy Society



The major national solar energy association with a long history of renewable energy activities, including the National Solar Energy Conference.

Publisher of Solar Today.

ASES Solar Citizen Program

ASES Solar CitizenThe Solar Citizen is a new program within ASES that aims at providing practical information and tools to help families get their solar and renewable energy projects completed.
More on the program here...
Midwest Renewable Energy Association


The people who put on the worlds largest renewable energy fair each summer solstice -- and many other things.
Illinois Renewable Energy Association


Renewable energy education, tours, fairs, workshops, ...
Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association


The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.

"The Mission of GLREA is to increase the mainstream use of renewable energy technologies and sustainable energy practices."

Iowa Renewable Energy Association


Renewable energy education, legislation, workshops, ...
Minnesota Renewable Energy Society


Minnesota Renewable Energy Society.  Renewable energy educational materials, and some very interesting looking events.
e-co lab -- ecological construction laboratory
Urbana, IL

Home Projects:

More information on Passivhaus Institute:
Paper on Passivhaus design:


e-co lab takes on energy efficient home projects in the Urbana, IL area.
These homes are built to the German Passivhaus Design Standard, and use as little as one tenth of the energy of standard homes.
Some of the project examples they show use engineered wood "I" beams (as in the example above).  These beams provide sufficient depth for high R value walls (R56) and also greatly reduce thermal bridging compared solid wood studs.
This seems like a very promising construction technique.
The Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy Association and the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy Fair


A large renewable energy and sustainable living fair, workshops, ...
South West
New Mexico Solar Energy Association



A great solar energy association with a long history of accomplishments.

They are in the process of putting their extensive technical library online, and could use volunteer help.

Texas Solar Energy Society



An active renewable energy society with educational material, workshops, house tour, ...
El Paso Solar Energy Association

Tons of interesting and useful information on renewable energy projects.
Arizona Solar Energy Association


The folks who bring us the outstanding Arizona Solar Center.  Tons of great information. 

(but, when is that DIY section coming :) )

Montezuma Climate Action Network

Lots of renewable energy and climate change related activities, newsletter, and  the Verde Fest Sustainability Fair.  Located in the four corners area.
Colorado Renewable Energy Society


Colorado Renewable Energy Society.

Education, tours, workshops, talks, ...

Three chapters around the stat.

San Luis Valley Solar Association


Education, workshops, solar projects, ...
Solar Oregon


"Encouraging Oregonians to choose solar energy"
Workshops, home tours, education, library, newsletter, case studies, AND some really nice solar batch water heater plans.
Northern California Solar Energy Association


Northern California Solar Energy Association.  Resource guide, home tours, educational resources, ...
East - South East - North East
Florida Renewable Energy Association


Florida Renewable Energy Association.

"The Florida Renewable Energy Association is dedicated to expanding the use of clean, renewable energy technologies through public awareness, political advocacy, and individual initiative."

Maine Solar Energy Association


An active solar energy association.  Some of the solar water heating plans on this site come from their Solar Energy Primer.
NESEA -- North East Sustainable Energy Association


A large regional organization focused on promoting the understanding, development, and adoption of energy conservation and non-polluting, renewable energy technologies.
Educational programs, open houses, workshops,  publications, ...
Pocono Northeast Solutions


Northeast PA group organizes an energy Expo/Fair as well as a number of renewable energy projects and school related activities.
BASEA -- Boston Area Solar Energy Association


Boston area solar energy association -- educational material, a discussion forum, lectures, events, ...
North Carolina Solar Center


Lots of interesting events and workshops. 
Lots of student oriented activities.

Programs in solar, clean transportation, wind,  homes, ...

Potomac Region Solar Energy Association





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