Tools to Analyze and Size Heat Exchangers

Tools to analyze and size heat exchangers for solar applications.



Heat Exchangers
U in Heat Exchangers

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Thermal conductivity coefficient for various heat exchange circumstances
Another U in Heat Exchangers Reference,
Engineering Toolbox

Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients for some common Fluids and Heat Exchanger Surfaces.

Average overall heat transmission coefficients for some common fluids and surface combinations as Water to Air, Water to Water, Air to Air, Steam to Water and more

DTL Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger Sizing Guide

Sizing guide for tube and shell heat exchangers for DTL
Copper Pipe Coil Heat Exchanger Performance

STSS Pipe Coil Heat Exchangers

Copper Coil Heat Exchanger Performance:

Copper coil heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are immersed in a heat storage tank. Similar to what can be constructed at home.

Some performance on these heat exchangers here:
this is the only published data I have  seen on the popular copper coil heat exchangers -- if you find more, please let me know ...

Water to Air Heat Exchangers Sizing

water to air heat exchangerMagicAire provides some design guides...

While the temperatures they give in the tables are different than would normally be used in solar applications, they do provide some adjustment factors for other temperatures. 

The tables are done for Twater in = 180F, Tair in = 60F.  It appears to be pretty close to adjust the table heat transfer by (Tw - Ta)/120F, where Tw is your water in temp and Ta is your air in temp.   This can be used to get a rough idea for values not covered in the correction table.