Barra Box Results -- Version 1


Some plots from the loggers for the period when we were traveling -- 12/20/2009 through 1/1/2010




Sun sensor -- mounted perpendicular to glazing and half way up -- sees reflection from snow  -- watts/sq meter


Bottles Temp -- sensor taped to bottle in 2nd row (see earlier pics for placement)  -- F


Col Top Temp-- in outlet vent of collector -- F


Col In Temp -- in the inlet duct of the collector -- F


Rm Temp  -- temp in middle of the box about half way down from ceiling to floor -- F


Ambient Temp -- sensor mounted just off north side of box -- F



Room temperature averages a nice 75F on some days, but the 120F down to 30F range is a bit large for comfort :)


Note: 10/26/2012:  Nick and I have tentatively concluded that the poor night performance here was probably due to night circulation through the collector.  The night circulation was probably driven by very cold air against the glazing dropping while slightly warmer air in the Inlet Duct (see diagram)  rose into the living space of the d-Cube.  The back draft damper that was part of the next change package pretty much took care of this.



The full time period 12/20/09 through 01/01/10



Sunny day -- cloudy day -- sunny day



Two sunny days



Declining sun over 3 days