Doing Your Energy Saving Projects

Sources of "How-To" information:

Each of the Project areas has a "Basics" section that provides some introductory material on doing projects, and a lot of the entries for specific projects include "how-to" information.


The "Half" projects provide some detailed "how-to" on the projects that we did.  A rating of Do-IT-Yourself difficulty is also included for each project.


Good books
        Insulate and Weatherize, Bruce Harley

A Solar Site Survey is a must if you are doing any type of solar project.

Sequencing of projects:

Put the projects into the order you want to do them.  The order might be influenced by:

All things being equal, do the ones that pay the best the first.


Some projects may interfere with others if done too early.  For example, its hard to seal up the electrical and plumbing penetrations from the living space into the attic if you have to wade through the 18 inches of loose fill insulation that you just added.


Your budget may require putting off some of the pricy projects until later. 


You might just be more interested in some projects than other projects.


Keep your utility bills so you can see what progress you are making.  The bills will also be helpful if you sell the house to demonstrate its improved energy efficiency.


Be sure to keep records on the money you spend on energy projects.  You will need these to collect rebates or tax credits that your project may qualify for.  





Gary Jan 3, 2008