Nothing For Sale Here



This site is a hobby, not a business.


I don't sell anything on this site, or have any financial  connection with anyone who makes or sells renewable energy products.  



- You can be certain that anything recommended on the site has nothing to do with a financial connection with the product's supplier. 


- I can't provide quotes on products or take orders.

I do have a section that lists a lot of suppliers of renewable energy products that might be of interest to people looking to build projects.  I can't really vouch for the suppliers on the list, since I've not had any dealings with most of them -- they are just some places to start looking.  As always, do your homework.


I get a chance to talk to people in the renewable energy industry, and I can tell you that they range from extremely dedicated and competent professionals whose only goal is to help you build a good system to downright scam artists.  Sad to say, the with the increased interest in renewable energy, the 2nd category is a growth industry -- so be careful!



June 2, 2009