A PV Powered Pool Pump Installation

When Bruce looked at where his electricity was going, he found that about a quarter of his electricity use was to run his pool pump.   He decided to install a new pump that would be run from PV modules. 

Bruce's report below gives details on the design and installation of the new pump, and on how the economics is working out.  The drop in PV module prices in the 6 years since the system was installed, the payback period would now be substantially shorter.

Thanks very much to Bruce for sending this in!

Bruce teaches Renewable Energy Classes at Eastern Florida State College...

 A couple pictures of the new solar powered pool pump installation -- full details at the link below.

PV module power pool pump
PV modules dedicated to the pump.
PV powered pool pump
The new pump installation.
PV pool pump controller
The pump controller.

See the full report from Bruce on the PV Powered Pool Pump...   (a PowerPoint Presentation)

You can email Bruce at hesherb@easternflorida.edu, or use the Comments section to ask questions.

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