What Makes MK Solar Homes Green?

The following is excerpted from the National Building Museum description of their "The  Green House" exhibit.

The website for MK Solar Homes: http://www.mkd-arc.com/index.cfm

The Glidehouse™:
A prefabricated house you can build anywhere

Rendering of GlidehouseTM, 2004
Rendering of GlidehouseTM, 2004
Michelle Kaufmann Designs
One of the most significant recent developments in housing has been the effort to improve the reputation of prefabricated, or modular, housing. Using powerful design software, a number of architectural firms now combine the cost savings of factory-built homes with the benefits of customized designs. The result is sophisticated architecture that can be offered at remarkably low prices and assembled faster than traditional buildings. The Glidehouse™, designed in 2004 by Northern California architect Michelle Kaufmann, represents this new breed. Working with builders in Toronto, Vancouver, Portland, and Southern California, Kaufmann has begun selling several variations of the house. A total of 10 have been built, ranging from one to four bedrooms and from 672 to 2,016 square feet in one or two stories. The price, including the cost of the design, trucking materials to the site, and construction, but excluding the solar panels on the roof and the kitchen appliances—begins at about $132 per square foot for a house on a level lot. This translates to around $200,000 for most variations—that’s $83,000 less than the average cost of a new American home in 2005.

What Makes the GlidehouseGreen