The Elec-Trak Snowblower

Our Elec-Trak came with the snowblower accessory, which is great because do have snow!


Elec-Trak Snowblower

This page shows a few pictures and goes through the bit of TLC the blower needed to get it ready. 

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The Elect-Track Snowblower

GE offered this snowblower as an accessory for for the Elec-Trak.  It is a single stage blower that is 42 inches wide. 

It is powered by a large, 36 volt DC motor that runs directly off the Elec-Trak battery pack (as with most of the accessories).  The blower simply plugs into a 36 VDC "PTO" socket  near the front of the Elec-Trak.  Operation is controlled by the PTO switch on the instrument panel.   A short chain drive powers the actual auger. 

The snowblower has shoes on each side that it rides on when blowing snow.   When driving around and not blowing, the regular Elec-Trak winch lifts the blower a couple inches clear of the ground. 

The discharge chute direction is changed by rotating a handle that is brought back to where it can be used while driving.

It seems like most of the snowblowers sold these days use two stages  -- an auger arrangement to bring the snow to the middle, and a separately driven impeller to throw the snow up the discharge chute.  I'm going to be curious to see how well this single stage blower works, but the YouTube videos of the Elec-Trak blower look pretty good.

The blower is pretty heavy, and does take some weight off the rear wheels.  I think that some added weight and/or chains may be required for good traction while blowing.  Our Elec-Track did come with both a weight box and chains.

This is the GE manual for the blower on George's site...

Cleaning it Up

The blower was in pretty good shape when we got it. 

When I first tried the blower it out, nothing happened, but this turned out to be just that the terminal on the power wire had broken off -- perhaps done in transporting it up to Bozeman.  This was easily replaced, and it "roared" to life.   The drive chain needed a good oiling.  The chain has seen enough use over the years that it may need to be replaced fairly soon, but it is working OK for now.

The blower motor -- chain drive
is under sheet metal at left.
Elec-Track snowblower
Cleaning up and repainting the blower
and the blower support frame.

Cleaning up and repainting the auger.


Elec-Trak Snowblower
Just waiting for some real snow.

The bosses.



December 13, 2011