ProMaster Camper Van Conversion -- Weight of Conversion and Payload

This section provides a breakdown of the weight that the camper conversion added to the empty van as well as an estimate of the van payload weight (people, water, propane, groceries, ...).

ProMaster Camper Van

The quick summary is that the van starts at 4730 lb, the camper conversion adds 920 lbs, and the payload (two people, water, propane, groceries, ...) add another 970 lbs bringing the total trip weight to about 6600 lbs.

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Weight Summary


Total Weight (lb)
Front Axle Weight (lb)
Rear Axle Weight (lb)
Empty Weight
4730 3013 1717 Empty Van
Conversion Weight
918 137 781 Conversion parts(beds, tanks, galley, paneling, ...
Empty Weight After Conversion
5648 3150 2498 Weight of converted van without payload
971 546 425 Payload (people, water, groceries, propane, junk)
Total Trip Weight
6619 lbs 3696 lbs 2923 lbs  


Does not include the weight of a few items left to be added, including PV panel, mattress covers, some shelves and storage.

The maximum allowable weight for the 1500 model is 4630 lb front, 5291 lb back, and a total of 8550 lbs -- so, we have lots of margin -- or, looking at it another way, even the lowest gross weight version of the van is probably overkill for a simple camper van.


Breakdown of Conversion Weight

The table below gives a breakdown of the 918 lbs of items that were added to do the conversion. These are estimates

Item Weight (lb)   Description
Insulation 20   estimate -- based on 1 inch polyiso at 2 pcf (0.16 lb/sf), 70 sf insulated wall, 50.3 sf insulated ceiling
Electrical (incl bats, solar, wiring, … 186   this does not include the 50 lb pv panel
Windows 36   this is net weight of windows minus metal removed
Curtains 6   aprox
Flooring 96    
Paneling 98.5    
Galley 179   includes cabenet, fridge, stove, sink, drawers, …
frest and grey water systems 42   includes fresh and grey water tanks, plumbing, and pump
composting toilet 37   this is actual weight of finished toilet 
bed platforms and mattresses 175   includes bed platform MDO, matteresses, hinges, …
Maxx Fan 12   14 lbs fan minus 2 lbs of sheet metal removed
Furnace 23   This is just the furnace -- no supports of cabinet, which is in galley cabinet
Propane system 28   This is empty tank and plumbing (the cabinet weight is in the bed platform weight)
Running boards 45    
Total  983.5   Total weight added by conversion with no fluids
PV panel to be added  49.6   To be added later

The estimates above add up to 983 lbs which is about 65 lbs more than the actual weighed difference between the before and after conversion weight -- so, there are some errors in the above weight estimates that add up to 65 lbs -- close enough for Boeing work.

Note that the weights for your conversion may differ significantly from these depending on what you include.



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February 8, 2015