John's Rainwater Storage

This nice setup for storing rainwater from the roof was posted by John on the Homesteading Today forum.


It looks like a nice straight-forward way to go.



John's Post:


Just wanted to share a simple idea. I have three dry creeks and 2/3rds of my ponds water has evaporated thanks to the drought of 2007. To make matters even worse the town offically announced it will be out of drinking water before February. So I bought this water storage to prepare for the worst case senieros: well runs dry or collapes, contaiminated city or well water, no water due to drought and of course quench the livestocks thirst. Luckily we received 1 inch of rain in the past 24hours, so all we need now is 22 more inches to get back to normal.

Tank is full; discovereding 1/2 inch of rainfall equals 300 gallons of roof water the tank. The tank was expensive, but what price tag would you put on H2O if you don't have any? I may reposition a water trough soon and start filling it with the roof water.....Love to take photos so I snapped a couple for show and tell.....just wanted to toss the idea at some of ya.


The tank is great for gardening. The head pressure alone will move the water and enable you to water you garden plants via water a hose....This would also allow you to refill the tank with new rainwater, no waste.









Thanks to John for providing this material!


Some of the comments suggested using a dark color tank or painting the tank to reduce algae growth in the tank.



Gary Oct 24, 2007