Large DIY Solar Water Heating System in Virginia Using Commercial Collectors

Chris and Brenda are looking for ways to control energy expenses through retirement and built this very nice and very high quality solar water heating system.

While it is loosely based on the $1K design, it has a number of unique features that are aimed at achieving a long and maintenance free life.

Installing solar heating collectors

Chris provides a 13 page detailed description of the system -- thank you Chris!


Some Highlights

Chris's system has some unique features...


aet solar water heating collectors
AET commercial collectors

diy copper tube heat exchanger
DIY soldered copper heat exchanger
collector install ramp
Ramp to install collectors
maxdtc solar water heating controller
MAXDTC controller and data logger


All the details from Chris in a 13 page pdf...

Additional details on the collector mounting system...


May 2014 Update Including New Performance Plots...



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