1/2 -- Projects Summary Charts


The charts below show how the projects compare in these areas:

Note: all but the last 3 projects are completed.  Of the last 3, the first 2 are in work, and the last 1is a ways off.

These charts are a bit out of date, but still give the idea.











Some notes on the graphs:

See the Project Descriptions for details on the individual projects.


Energy use for electricity, propane and gasoline are all expressed in kilowatt hours so that they can be compared easily.  If you want to convert to the usual gallons:  1 gallon of gasoline = 36.6 KWH, and 1 gallon of propane = 27.0 KWH.  And, if you want to convert to BTUs, there are 3412 BTU per KWH.


We have supplied the labor to do a number of the projects, so the dollars spent are lower because of this.


Gary 08/03/06, Updated Nov 13, 2007