Efficiency and Conservation

Suppliers and products that offer products and parts that support doing projects to reduce energy and water use through conservation and higher efficiency.

See also the pages on Energy Conservation and Water Conservation.


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Electricity Conservation
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The sections listed to the left have a lot of good information on techniques and products for dramatically reducing electricity use.

Thermal Shades
Be a bit wary of claimed R value ratings, which are not not standardized -- look/ask for independent test data.
The R values quoted appear to usually include the existing double pane window at R1.8 plus the new shade.
Also look in the Conservation section for DIY window treatments -- nice projects.

Cellular Shades



One maker of cellular shades.  Many, many manufacturers of these products.
Note the "Energy Track" that they offer.


Window Quilts



One maker of high R value window quilts.  Many other makers out there.

If you find these a bit pricy -- you might want to look at the Energy Track shades above, or the DIY versions of window quilts as alternatives.

Insulation -- including pipe insulation
Cellulose, Fiberglass, Polystyrene, Polyisocyanurate, ... These common types of insulation should be available at your local lumber or hardware:

Loose fill cellulose for ceilings or walls
Loose fill fiberglass for ceilings or walls
Fiberglass bats for ceilings or walls
Polystyrene rigid foam board  -- expanded and extruded
Polyisocyanurate rigid foam board

ParPAC Cellulose Insulation System



One cellulose insulation system -- among many.
Armaflex Pipe Insulation



Pipe insulation to insulate collector supply and return pipes etc.
Peel & Seal Aluminum


This is 45 mil aluminum sheet with a self stick layer on one side.  Can be used for weatherproofing outside pipe insulation.
Insulation for Buried Pipes


Insulation for  underground pipes that carry heated fluid can be hard to find at a reasonable price.  This product uses Styrofoam blocks pipe openings molded in.  It comes in 4 ft lengths, works for 3/4 or 1 inc PEX, and costs about $1.50 per ft.  If you think this might work for you, you can get more info by emailing Greg at: century@CCRTC.com
Insulated PEX pipe




Pre-Insulated 1 inch PEX tubing.
About $6 per ft.
Note that this system allows heat transfer between the supply and return line.


A DIY pipe insulation scheme ...  
DIY Foam Insulation Kits




Touch n Seal


Foam in place polyurethane insulation kits

Appears to cost about $3.50 per sqft for 3.5 inch deep (stud) cavity.

The cost of these products is high -- you may find a contractor to do the job for about the same price, or substitute a lower cost insulation?

CorBond Polyurethane Insulation



Corbond is an example of a closed cell polyurethane foam in place insulation that provides R6.6 per inch and also prevents air infiltration and is a moisture barrier.
Some useful (if biased) technical information on their site.
One of many suppliers.



Earthfoam is a closed cell polyurethane foam in place insulation.    R values ranging from R3.8 per inch up to R6.5 per inch depending on the foam density.
Closed cell foams block air infiltration and are vapor barriers, and tend to glue the structure together.
One of many suppliers.
Water Heaters if you can't do a solar water heater, consider a more efficient conventional water heater
WAM Home Center



Good prices on tankless water heaters and other HVAC stuff.

I ordered a tankless water heater from these folks and got good tech support and fast shipping.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heating Stuff


hpwhThis new company has a large number of "new - old stock" heat pump water heaters and low prices. A chance to pick up a HPWP for about $300.

"Heating Stuff provides new old stock and remanufactured heat pumps and our experience in alternative energy, HVAC and electronics to help you save money by making your hot water systems more efficient."


Grey Water Heat Recovery
GFX Technology


GFX greywater heat exchangers.
Water Conservation
See the Water Conservation section for suppliers in this area .. Rain harvesting, grey water recovery, efficient toilets, ...
Efficient Lighting
See these sections:
Efficient and Solar Lighting ...,

Conservation -> Lighting ...


See the sections to the left for products and techniques to use solar day lighting, and for efficient lighting products.
Outdoor Solar Lights

NovaLight Solar Sign & Flag Light



Solar Illuminations



60 watt output solar light -- meant for flag lighting, but might be good where more light is needed than the small solar path lights give?

The same outfit has some other solar spot light choices in their online catalog.

Solar Illuminations -- a pretty large selection of solar outdoor lights.



Please note that I have had no dealings with most of the suppliers, and cannot vouch for them in any way.  These links are just a place to get started in your system/component searches.  I have no financial or other arrangement of any kind with any of these suppliers.


Gary April 16, 2008