Sunspaces and Greenhouses

Suppliers of parts and kits for building sunspaces and solar greenhouses.

And, greenhouse supplies (coverings, equipments, ...)

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Charley's Greenhouse and Garden

Wide variety of greenhouse and sunspace supplies, including glazing, ventilation equipment,  ...
ACF Greenhouses

Supplier of greenhouses and greenhouse supplies.
EnviroCept Greenhouse, etc...


Supplier of greenhouse materials and greenhouse kits.
Discount Hydroponics

Fans, pumps etc for greenhouses and hysroponics.


Very extensive line of greenhouses and green house supplies.

One of few places to get 4 ft wide corrugated polycarbonate glazing (Dynaglas).  Very large catalog...

Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing


Large commercial supplier of greenhouses, greenhouse suppliers, coverings, ...


Greenhouse Mega Store


Supplier of greenhouses and greenhouse supplies, including glazing, ventilation, ...
Hobby Greenhouse



Greenhouse kits and plans.  Greenhouse design information and some free plans
H2othouse, Inc. Greenhouses


Provides an extensive list of links to suppliers of greenhouse kits of all types. 
Snap Clamp


A source for some specialized fittings and clamps that are useful in making PVC frame structures (like greenhouses).
Also, some free greenhouse plans.



Interesting roll away pool cover or greenhouse.


Please note that I have had no dealings with most of the suppliers, and cannot vouch for them in any way.  These links are just a place to get started in your system/component searches.  I have no financial or other arrangement of any kind with any of these suppliers.



Gary April 16, 2008