Step by Step for DIY Solar Projects

Follow these steps to insure a successful solar project:

  1. Why Solar?  The reasons that DIY solar projects make sense.

  2. Solar Site Survey    To make sure you get enough sun at the right times of the day and the year to make your project work -- don't skip this.


  3. Solar Projects    To see what kind of projects are available and pick one that fits.

  4. Go build it!

Step 0.5 should really be to work on conservation and efficiency.  These will usually pay better than solar projects, and will also make your solar heat or electricity go much further.  Some places to start on conservation and efficiency:

The Conservation page ...

The "Half" program ...

Its also very important to conserve water...

Note -- if you are trying to determine if you have a good site for a wind generator look here.
And, if you have a running water resource, and want to evaluate its potential for electricity generation, look here.

Report Broken Links ...


Gary updated May 16, 2008